Текст песни 2pac - Flex

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Добавлено: 14.06.2019
puffin' on a blunt (flex, flex)
puffin' on a blunt (flex, flex)

Flippin' through my shit wondering what hits a kid
even before the flicks I would always hit to flip the script
let's play a game call catch a bitch, how you play?
well diss me and nigga catch a fist, you playin'?
Ooo, I know you didn't expect a nigga to catch wreck
I'm coming from the west, they all slept (Flex)
cause it's been a long day
and I get Johnny Q when niggas rub me the wrong way
twenty four tracks is fat and all that
pack smack, jaw crack, after that, can I get my balls back?
nigga don't front, just pass the blunt
I freak the funk for the trunks, pop the pump on the chumps
I make ya jump
dum diddy dump, love to thump
leaving niggas with lumps, smoking blunts and skunks
so here it comes, let's have a gun
or get done by the one that rock drums for fun,
pump pump!

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